About Us

About Us

Combining our excellent customer service with high levels of security responses, 2 Zero 5 Protection & Investigations always has the needs of our clients first and foremost in our minds. As a result, we are able to maintain professional standards that far surpass any other company in the industry.

Rather than following the lead of many other security companies and hiring anyone who walks through their door and submits our application, we choose instead to have only guards who are well-trained, present a professional appearance and demeanor, and commit to protecting the property and people to which they are assigned. To accomplish this, we hire many veterans in the security field, letting them put their skills and discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.

Meet the Team

Baldemar Flores

Owner Operator

  • Former Police Officer (Patrol, Investigator, School Resource Officer, Juvenile Enforcement Team, and S.W.A.T. Training.
  • Certified (Crows Control, Traffic Control, First Response, Crisis Prevention, Handcuffs, CPR, Level III, and Instructor
  • Former Chief of Police

+1 956.222.1127


Cesar Martinez


  • Certified (Level III)
  • Supervisor for RGV, Laredo, and Corpus Christi Regions

+1 956..655.7511



Most frequent questions and answers

●    2 Zero 5 Protection Supervisors make unscheduled, spot checks to observe Security Guards job performance. Management provides ongoing, immediate feedback to all Security Guards to commend excellence, to correct/ document any non-compliance issues and to keep communication channels open.

One of the biggest concerns in this industry is accountability and verification of visits. 2 Zero 5 Protection & Investigations utilizes a high-tech reporting system to track officers’ patrols. Officers have to photograph the property as they patrol the property. The information is updated in real time and posted on a designated client-access web site. Customers can access their account at any time to verify patrols and see the officer’s daily reports.


Daytime security officers are required to check in with 2 Zero 5 management and follow their online schedules. Overnight security officers are required to submit field reports from previous evening to be reviewed by 2 Zero 5 mangement. 

To make sure we are able to recruit and hire only the best possible applicants, we adhere to a very strict screening and training regimen. By carefully evaluating each of our potential guards, clients can be sure they will have the most experienced and well-trained guards available. To ensure this happens, each guard undergoes state-mandated certification courses, along with training classes in patrol techniques, criminal law, defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, and customer service. Far exceeding the training guards receive at other security firms, our personnel will be well-prepared for any situation they may face. 

In addition to State of Texas mandated certification courses, 2 Zero 5 Protection & Investigations’ personnel must attend:

●    24 hours of Conflict Resolution and Defensive Tactics Training including: the Principles of Verbal Judo, The Force Continuum, Escalation/ De-Escalation, Communication Skills, Weaponless Strategies, Injury Prevention and Use of Force Policy.

●    24 hours of Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law Class including: RGI’s professional standards for engaged, pro-active thorough foot-patrols, to cover all internal /external areas as well as vehicular patrols to inspect all outdoor areas for illegally parked cars, Crime Prevention/ Detection /Reporting of suspicious behaviors, theft of property as well as applicable Texas Penal Code.

● 2 Zero 5 Protection management provides all Security Guards with ongoing, immediate feedback to commend excellence and to correct any non-compliance issues. All staff undergo annual evaluations.

  • 2 Zero 5 Protection Security Guards are required to attend bi-annual continuing education courses to ensure compliance with all client’s security procedures, rules and regulations as well as 2 Zero 5 Protection policies and standards. Periodic on-site testing to ensure satisfactory security levels are maintained at all times. In addition, the Owner/ President conducts annual firearm qualification testing at local ranges for all Commissioned Security Guards.
  • 2 Zero 5 Protection Security Guards and administrative staff undergo an annual employee evaluation.
  • 2 Zero 5 Protection Executive Staff undergo 360 performance reviews.