Un-Armed Guards

When it comes to maintaining security, there are many situations where un-armed security guards can be the best option. From a residential facility such as an apartment complex to a sporting event where crowd control is the main priority, unarmed officers are able to maintain high levels of safety.At 2 Zero 5 Protection and Investigations,  we realize that this is a smart option for many clients and make it our top priority to only hire the best.

Patrol Services

As our Unarmed Security Mobile patrol services give office and retail property owners and managers a great way of monitoring their facilities after business hours. Random visits throughout the night by a well-marked, highly visible patrol vehicle are a proven way to deter property loss or damage.

Armed Guards

As our Unarmed Security Officers, our Armed Guards are certified and trained as Level 1 and Level II. Armed Guards are also given the required Level III exam, which consists of firearm proficiency, legalities, and firearm procedures.


2 Zero 5 Protection approach to training is centered on the proactive strategy of highly visible guard presence, situational awareness to deter, prevent and/or detect potential threats before they occur. We use a combination of trainers including law enforcement officers, our own executive staff who have extensive security experience, and online resources on crisis prevention pre-incident indicators and disaster preparedness.